BIB Audit Services​

·  BIB Audit is the Best Practice for succesful Business.
·  Best International Buyers Co Ltd, factory’s audit service helps to save money and time by identifying, avoiding disguised middlemen and scams.
·  Best International Buyers Co Ltd, company’s audit service is performed by a team of inspectors who not only verify and visit the potential supplier but also analyse and evaluate the risk of cooperating with the audited identity.
·  The process is recorded into a detailling report with the following checklist;
·  Is the audited identity legally registered?
·  Who’s the audited identity’s legal representative?
·  Can the audited identity supply an organizational chart?
·  Can the audited identity provide an official bank account detail?
·  Is the audited identity identical to its image on the net?
·  Is the working environment under industry standards?

Audit Services

· What’s the audited identity business status like?
· Is the audited identity in possesion of the proper business scope to manufacture the products promoted?
· What production or parts of the products of interest are outsourced and produced by the audited identity?
· Does the audited factory have and can prove an internal quality control and quality control procedure?
· Is the audited identity a supplier,a factory or a trading company?
· Is the audited identity legally owner of the brand or brands promoted?
· Can the audited identity provide or prove the possesion of the molds, designs,sketch and samples of the product promoted?
· Is the audited identity experienced in manufacturing your selection of products?

· Is the audited Identity experience in export process?
· Can the Audited identity provide Standard certifications, test reports and accreditation, market entry programms or certificates for the productsof interest Does the audited identity have an export liscence?
· Does the audited identity have a preferrential anti dumping tax for exports to your country?
· What’s the audited identity’s production capacity, size and organisation (square meters, production lines, how many machines, number of staffs, working hours, working shift..)?
· We strongly recommend Audit Services before you start doing business with a new supplier, this will set and show your level of standards and avoid a lot of troubles for futur business.

How it works?

· Inform your supplier about our visit Key point in having a good relationship and cooperation with your supplier. In China this may seem as an intrusion on factory’s privacy. So you need to inform your supplier in advance to get their agreement.
· Contact US Get in touch with us, give us your specific requierments and get a final quotation. After getting our pricing, approve it by sending us your payment.
· We Contact Your Supplier We’ ll ask your china factory or supplier to sign a ”Supplier agreement to Inspection”, which set the rules factory or supplier need to respect in order for the inspection to be performed in optimum conditions.
· Inspection Date A date for the inspection is set with the supplier. It’s better to inform us 10 days before the start of the inspection service.

· Inspection Checklist Approval Before inspection, we’ lIl write an inspection checklist, with checkpoints +quality standards, that all parties will have in hand before service start Put A Team Together Depending on your order quantity, Our team will be composed or 1 or several inspectors +1 supervisor(at least1 inspector+Assistant)
· Inspection Performance & Report Release our team will go to your Supplier’s factory, workshop or any facilaties indicated by you to proceed the audit accordingly to the previous agreement.
· You will receive your report within 24 hours.

What does it cost?

Guangdong Supplier Audit Service  $590 USD all-inclusive. 

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